Art Finds – Vol. 1

Super nintendo luigi fan art Mikael Aguirre

Each week we share inspiring, fun and interesting finds that showcase the work of talented artists, animators, designers and creators from around the world.

L'ile Sans Sourire - By Enrique Fernandez​

I first came across this captivating graphic novel by Enrique Fernandez several years ago and it stuck in my mind. Eventually I caved and ended up buying a copy in French. I had to use an online translator to read every page, as unfortunately it is not currently available in English. It turns out that it was completely worth the little bit of effort, the story is beautiful and uplifting and stays with the reader long afterwards. 

The title translates to 'the island without smile' and the story follows Milander Dean, a scientist with a tragic past who travels to a lost whaling outpost to take up a research job. On the island he meets Elianor, a little girl whose infectious joy leads Milander to understand the true nature of hope and happiness.

The French version of L'ile Sans Sourire can be purchased here.
More of Enrique Fernandez's work can be found here and here

Marvel Defenders Fan Art

The Marvel Defenders series was released on Netflix this week and to get into the spirit we have been looking at some brilliant pieces of fan art. This classic comic book inspired print is by Society 6 digital artist HEROSANDHEADKICKS.

Equal Love - Art for Marriage Equality

The public vote for marriage equality in Australia is drawing near and many talented Australian artists are contributing work to show their support for the cause. All of the proceeds from EqualLoveAustralia's Etsy store go towards the Australian equal marriage campaign.

Nintendo Fan Art

This week's pre-sale of the SNES Classic Mini resulted in mayhem. Consoles sold out in the USA and UK in less than an hour, leaving legions of disappointed gamers, myself included. There have been some theories that the SNES Classic Mini may soon be available on Amazon either here or here, but until I can get my hands on one I will just have to satisfy my desire for childhood gaming nostalgia with some excellent fan art.

You'll be a nintendo fan just like your Uncle.
By Vincent Batignole - More of the artist's work can be found on their DeviantArt profile or Tumblr.

Detail of Mario Bros 3 Fresco.
By Michael Aguirre of Orioto - The artists work can be purchased here and found here.

Yoshi e Baby Mario
By Renata Souza - More of the artists work can be viewed here.

The #WeStandTogther project

The #WeStandTogether project was initiated by Tim Hykes with the goal of brining artists and designers from across the USA together to join their voices in condemning hatred and violence. The importance of projects like #WeStandTogther at this current moment in moment in time cannot be overstated, you can see the full catalogue of designs or contribute here.

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