Art Finds – Vol. 2

Each week we share inspiring, fun and interesting finds that showcase the work of talented artists, animators, designers and creators from around the world.

Game of Thrones Fan Art

With only one episode to go until we all have to scramble to find something else to fill the void for an entire 12 months, we thought it may be a good time to share some of our favorite pieces of Game of Thrones Fan Art. This way you don't have to rely solely on replaying GIFs of Drogon roasting the Kings Landing Army.

Game of Thrones Universe
By Raymond Waskita - Find more of the artist's work here.

By Jireh Ber Villafuerte - Drawn on a Wacom Bamboo Tablet with Adobe Illustrator. More of the artist's work can be found here and here.

That's not you
By Lessa Naimidairo - More of the artist's work can be found here.

There is no middle ground
By Aykut Aydoğdu and Ertaç Altınöz - More work by the artists can be found here and here.

John Snow - King of the North
By Red Bubble Member - Shiron

Art to Celebrate the start of Autumn

Fall is easily one of the most beautiful and inspiring seasons for artists. So as we enter the last week of summer, and people's thoughts begin to turn to the ways that they can make as many things as possible taste like pumpkin, we are sharing some stunning fall inspired works.   

By Gaku Nakagawa - More work by artist can be found here.

By Indre Bankauskaite - More of the artist's work can be found here.

The Road Goes Ever On: Autumn
By Redbubble user Waynm79 - See more of the artist's work here.

Electric State - By Simon Stalenhag

We are obsessed with the sci-fi scenes painted by Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag. Simon's ability to create an immersive fantasy world sets him apart as an artist.

His latest book, Electric State, follows a young girl and a robot as they travel through an alternate post robot wars version of 1990s America. Electric State enjoyed a very successful launch, selling out on Kickstarter back in late July, but the book will be available for sale in December.

In the meantime you can get lost in Simon's other adventures Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood.

Prints from Electric State and Simon Stalenhag's other works can be purchased here. More of Simon's work can also be found on his official website.

Damon Belanger's Street Shadow Paintings

Graphic artist Damon Belanger was commissioned to inject some playful creativity into Redwood City by installing 20 fake shadows in the Downtown area. More info can be found here and here.

A Crochet Hobbes made by a Mom

Seeing redditor's Giwithnoe's crochet Hobbes that was made by their Mom made our hearts melt.  

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