Ugee Pen Tablet Review

Ugee Pen Tablet Review

Most professional artists use tablets to help them make digital illustrations. While some tablets are expensive, there are a few that are affordable and valuable in today's market. That's why we are here to review the Ugee Pen Tablet.

In this quick product review, we want to show you how and why the Ugee is used by professionals. The tablet is sturdy and has a high enough resolution to create the most advanced drawings. Because of this, the tablet is proven to help you become a better artist.

19 Inches LCD Graphics Monitor

All of the information used in this article is used by accurate sources. We want to help you by telling you the pros and cons associated with this production. Also, read our buyer's advice section for extra information we might've left out. By the end of this review, you'll know if this is the best tablet for you.

About The Product

The Ugee Pen Tablet is one of the best high-end tablets in the market. It's fast, reliable, and acts as a second monitor when it's in use. For advanced artists and professionals, this might be a great starting tablet for you.

Features Of The Ugee Pen Tablet

  • 2048 Pen Pressure Levels
  • 2 Pen Chargers Included
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 19 Inch LED drawing screen
  • Screen Protector


This tablet comes with a 19-inch LED drawing screen which gives an ample amount of space to draw on. Also, it's 1440 * 900 resolution helps the user create complex images such as cartoons, comics, and animations. Give this product a look If you have a thing for drawing.

Ugee features a stand that helps the tablet stay in place. It prevents your tablet from shaking, and you can tilt it to work at any angle desired. Designers like this tablet it because it gives them a full range of control and has a wide array of customized settings to utilize.

The pen pressure sensitivity is outstanding. Unlike other competing devices, the Ugee has over 2048 levels of sensitivity, which comes in handy when you want to make different brushstrokes. Basically, the tablet is versatile and has enough sensitivity levels to make it feel natural when drawing on it.

19 Inches LCD Graphics Monitor

You'll get an extra set of freebies when buying this tablet. For instance, it comes with a drawing glove, a pen charging station, and two rechargeable pens. These accessories are useful and will help you create better art pieces faster than competing products.

Shoppers love the durability of the tablet's screen protector. When you draw, chances are your pen will make a few marks on your screen. In fact, some tablets are filled with scratch marks after use. The Ugee's screen protector prevents that and helps the user continue to draw without causing harm to the device.

We like the ergonomic design of this product. After downloading the tablet's drivers, we noticed how simple it's interface is. It's a sleek black tablet, and it only takes a few minutes to get started. Ugee designed this tablet to be easy to use, but powerful once mastered.

However, consumers found one issue with the tablet. On some occasions, it has a hard time connecting and calibrating to the user's input. Restart the tablet's software if this issue ever occurs to you.

Still, the Ugee is perfect for professionals wanting to enhance their illustrations. The table has enough extra features and has enough power to make beautiful designs. For the low price of about $411, you'll receive a tablet that has enough performance to take your art to the next level.

Our Buying Advice

If you want to buy this Ugee Pen Tablet, you will need to know some additional information in advance.

Before You Buy

You need to understand your drawing purpose before buying a tablet. For instance, are you trying to create comics, illustrations, or just for fun? Find out the reason why you need a tablet and pick a tablet whose features meet your expectations.

19 Inches LCD Graphics Monitor

Drawing Space

Another thing you need to consider before buying is, how much space do you need to draw correctly. On average, you'll need a tablet that is at least 14-inches long to make good art pieces.

Pen Stylus And Accessories

A good tablet comes with a pen that feels comfortable when it's in use. If it doesn't, chances are you'll need to buy an extra stylus that's compatible with your device. When looking for a pen, check to see if it has batteries or not.

Batteries increase the weight of your drawing stylus and will require frequent replacements. Or, your pen can be untethered and can operate without the need for batteries. If your pen is untethered, you'll want to be careful and make sure that you don't lose it.

Some brands provide additional styluses and extra pointing tools that you can program to your liking. When using these accessories, make sure that your tablet can recognize it and ensure that it remembers the settings that you previously placed in the pen.

Extra Software

A tablet that comes with bundled software is a valuable one indeed. On average, each table will have a painting program included. Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter Essentials are both useful graphics software that usually comes with your tablet.

19 Inches LCD Graphics Monitor

Some tablets come with software that can convert your handwriting into text. However, this is less common due to the handwriting recognition software found in Mac OS and PCs. Still, check to see if your tablet has any extra software before making a purchase.


While price is not the main determinant, it should be considered once buying your first tablet. Professional grade tablets will cost you about $200-600. On the other hand, $1000-$2000 gives you some of the best tablets in the market.

The Ugee is priced at about $411, making it a great tablet for personal and professional usage. If you have the budget, this tablet will help you with making interesting designs and will last for 5 years. Buy this tablet if you're serious about making art that's of professional quality.

Closing Remarks

You need a tablet that can keep up with your creativity. The Ugee Pen Table does that and more with its sleek design, easy to read interface, and over thousands of customizable options. If you want to transition from an amateur to a professional artist, then you should give the Ugee a look.

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