XP Pen Drawing Tablet Review

XP Pen Drawing Tablet Review

In this brief review, we'll quickly discuss the XP Drawing Tablet. It's quick, efficient and has enough pen pressure levels to help you draw naturally. You'll be confident enough to make the right purchase decision by the end of this article.

 XP-Pen Star05 Wireless 2.4G

We'll start by talking about the features associated with the product. After that, we'll go into the review. In our review section, we'll show the tablet's pros, cons, and consumer opinions on its. If you're still unsure about what you want to buy, we invite you to look at our buyer's advice section.

About The Product

Beginning artists will need a tablet that's suitable to their skill level. And that's where the XP Pen Drawing Tablet comes in. It's a reliable tablet that has enough features to keep early artists satisfied. Give this product a look if you need a useful tablet for your creative needs.

Features Of The XP-Pen Drawing Tablet

  • 2048 Pen Pressure Levels
  • 6 shortcut keys
  • Compatible with both Mac & PC
  • Affordable
  • Battery Free Stylus


The device has a built-in lithium battery. This makes it easy to recharge once you're finished using it. It charges quickly and only takes about 2.5 hours to reach the full battery. At full battery, the tablet can stay on for 14 hours.

Active area is an important feature for some consumers. Fortunately, the XP Pen Drawing Tablet has an area space of 8x5 inches. This gives the user enough space to create their designs. If you're looking for a good tablet with a wide surface to draw on, then you should look at the XP Pen Drawing Tablet.

 XP-Pen Star05 Wireless 2.4G

Plus, shoppers like this tablet because of its six shortcut keys. You can program them to any tool on computer software to complete your projects faster. The shortcut keys are easily mappable is a great feature if you're an artist who wants to improve their workflow.

Also, the device stands out from the competition because of its high resolution. Cheaper tablets only have an LPI of 3000. However, the XP Pen Tablet has an LPI of 5080. Your art will come out sharper and smoother when using this product.

But, the product has only one flaw. Consumers stated that it undergoes pressure malfunction on rare occasions. If this happens to you, we suggest getting a replacement pen.

Overall, we think that the XP Pen Drawing Tablet is perfect if you're an aspiring artist. It's easy to use, lightweight and gives the user an authentic feel once they start drawing on it. Buy this product if you're serious about improving the quality of your creations.

Our Buying Advice

In this section, we want to provide extra information about drawing tablets. There are certain specs you need to consider before buying one. Make sure you read this section to ensure that you buy the right tablet that's worth your money.

Programmable Settings

For advanced artists, programmable settings can make a huge difference. It allows you to create shortcuts and extra tools to improve your workflow. Check to see if your tablet has this feature to ensure that you'll have the best control over your art projects.

 XP-Pen Star05 Wireless 2.4G

Here's a scenario. You're planning on editing an image that you've created. But there's a certain section of the image that you'll want to crop out. While you could just click the tool on your drawing software, this will take extra time.

Instead, you can program a shortcut on your stylus that contains the Crop Tool. Then, you can easily crop out your picture faster than if you did without the shortcut. You should look into the programmable settings of your tablet so you can optimize its usage.

Report Per Second

Your tablet's responsiveness is measured in RPS (Reports Per Second). The more RPS you have, the faster it is at tracking your drawing motions. We suggest getting a tablet that has an RPS of 200 or higher. This ensures that you'll have a tablet that can record your motions and quickly place them as an image on your computer.

  • Warning: Don't get a tablet with a low RPS. These tablets are often faulty and can cause for your drawings to look inaccurate.

Fortunately, the XP Pen Drawing tablet has an RPS of 250. This makes it more responsive than other competing devices and helps the user draw more efficiently. It will help you draw faster and feel as if you were drawing on paper.


Your tablet should have an interface that works with you. Most tablets have USB interfaces since most modern computers come with a USB port. USB devices are easier to swap out and connect multiple tablets at one time.

 XP-Pen Star05 Wireless 2.4G

If your computer cannot support a USB interface, you'll need a tablet that has a serial interface. Make sure that your computer has a serial port so to it can easily connect to the tablet.

  • Warning: When using a serial interface, check to see if there are any other tablets are connected to the port. Any extra products will cause for conflicts and will result in your tablet not working.

Tablets with a USB interface uses the power from your computer to operate. Serial interfaces need a separate connection for it to work. Get an outlet that's compatible with a mid-sized transformer. This will help you connect your serial interface without any issues.

Alternatively, you can buy a tablet that has a Bluetooth interface. Bluetooth is a wireless server that's often used to connect multiple electronics. People like Bluetooth tablets because it allows them to connect wirelessly without the need of wires.


We believe that the XP Pen Drawing tablet is an excellent choice for new artists. It provides enough drawing space, pen pressure settings, and is responsive enough to mirror the user's movements naturally. You should look into this product if you want to expand your creative horizons and become a better artist.

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